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Post-doctoral researcher (f/m/d)

CRC 1218 I Institute for Genetics

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Within the framework of the CRC1218 on “Plasticity of the mitochondrial contact site and cristae organising complex” (www.sfb1218.uni-koeln.de), our project aims at understanding the tissue specific composition, architecture and structure of the contact site and cristae organising (MICOS) complex and the related mitochondrial intermembrane space bridging (MIB) complex. These multiprotein assemblies are critical to organize the cristae junctions, where the inner boundary membrane bends towards the mitochondrial matrix, and are thus major players in controlling mitochondrial morphology often affected in mitochondrial pathologies. Research of the Brandt lab is cantered around the structural and functional analysis of mitochondrial multiprotein complexes in health and disease applying a wide range of methodologies (e.g. Zickermann et al. Science 2015; Guerrero-Castillo et al. Cell Metabolism, 2017; Cabrera-Orefice et al, Nature Communications, 2018; Researcher ID C-4406-2008).


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The postdoctoral researcher will perform a comprehensive structural analysis of the MICOS/MIB complexes in different tissues, applying our recently developed Complexome Profiling approach. Implications of variations on cristae morphology and mitochondrial function will be studied CRISPR/Cas knock-out and mutant cell lines. We further aim at obtaining high-resolution by single particle cryo-electron microscopy. The project will be performed in close collaboration with other researchers of the CRC1218 and the Brandt group at the Radboud Institute for Molecular Life Sciences in Nijmegen, Netherlands.



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  • The subject of the doctorate should have been obtained in the field of „Biochemistry“ or „Molecular Life Sciences“ 
  • Solid background in molecular biology and experience in cell biology, genetics, or biochemistry
  • Candidates should have demonstrated outstanding performance through their graduate studies
  • Besides creativity, a strong ability for problem solving through analytical thinking combined with an enthusiasm for scientific research is highly desirable
  • Additionally, we expect good communication skills, fluent English, a high level of independence and the ability for teamwork


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Mr Ulrich Brandt
50931 Köln
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CRC 1218 I Institute for Genetics
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bis 30.06.2024


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